What is the Derby Sleepeasy challenge?

YMCA Derby Sleepeasy 2022 by Pictoria
YMCA Derby Sleepeasy 2022 by Pictoria

Helping the homeless in Derby

March 15, 2022

Joining the YMCA in Derby this past weekend, I was reminded just how lucky I was to be returning home after I captured some photos, rather than joining the to sleep out in drizzly chilly conditions.

The YMCA Derbyshire held their annual #Sleepeasy event at the cricket ground car park just outside Derby city centre, to raise funds for their charity.

A big team of participants were encouraged to bring cardboard, sleeping bags, any materials they could borrow… to make their own bed, camp and collective gathering pace… then spend the night within it whilst considering what it must be like for those who sleep out because they do not have a choice.

It’s humbling to think of what hardships we may never experience in our lifetime – whilst finding new ways to support those who have found themselves there.