I like to movie it!

Need something to grab attention and showcase your brand?

Moving images are the wave you need to make to stop the thumb-scroll on social... Up your engagement and get more clients…

Hire me to create video for use on social media platforms, in presentations and on a simple TV screen for your next event.

What you need?

I can make something sassy with a strong message, music and movement – a clip that plays in 59 seconds or under – so you can use it for Instagram too.

You need your social media presence to move into people's line of vision and stay there - I know what will make them stop scrolling through the other stuff.

What are you waiting for?

The price

My most successful businesses have invested £1500 with me, to share their joy and find new customers with a bespoke video. I can also serve you with a remote production made from simple phone photos for just £150.

You may already have the shots you want me to animate from a recent event or successful project… Then, when I add your company logo, mood music and a call to action, let me do the rest.

Contact me now to take the next step to more business and a targeted goal, with moving images curated just for you and about what you do.

See below for recent work, examples of easy brand voice and even some art & time-lapse creations based on the products too!


Here’s an impromptu edit I put together from some photos and a smartphone video clip…
Caspar was at the NEC in a busy show and we celebrated his business collaboration by sharing this edited clip on all social media while he was there.

The video montage was made by me on site and sent over to multiple people on their phones to post immediately online.

This stylish promo uses pro pics

that the company already had on the PC

emailed over to me,

animated with music & narrative...

detailed locator captions to order from the client.

Filmed by me on location

A TV celeb auctioneer on a tight schedule

With a trending message

Used liberally on social

& shared widely

This beautiful Cotswolds store

Needed to show stock

in an eye-catching way online

directing customers to both

website and shop

Next Steps...

Email me today - I'll do the rest - - or...

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