How to learn Modern Calligraphy

New creative kits available now

March 2022

Fancy learning creative calligraphy AND wonderful watercolour – with skills you will use over and over again? I’ve developed this brand new kit that can posted directly to your door, which contains ALL the equipment you require, to make a custom notepad and dazzle your friends & family with impressive texts…

I mean of course my Mindful Modern Calligraphy in terms of what texts you’ll be writing… I have spent a while now crafting this box of tricks that is compact enough to post through your letterbox.

You’ll create a fabulously colourful confetti cupcake design, with picture instructions and top tips in a handmade booklet I have produced.

It’s available now – I have listed it in my online Etsy shop – AN experience you can do at home, without the cost of an in-person workshop AND the tools you need to carry on doing it too. I can even personalise the box if you fancy gifting it to a creative you think might love it too.

Each box is put together by me personally and even includes scannable QR codes you can use to access exclusive videos to write along with too!


Who are Me & Dee?

I love these people and how they bring joy to so many lives.

Me&Dee has a simple mission, to ensure families going through difficult and uncertain times are gifted with memories they can treasure, never losing sight of what truly matters.

Because it’s those special moments shared with the ones we love, no matter how complicated circumstances may be, that are most precious of all.

Have you already heard about this absolutely fabulous Derby charity, Me & Dee ?

I have known Maria Hanson MBE since she founded Me & Dee, at the start of this story, so I have seen the difference she and her team have made over the years first hand.

I’ve now chosen them as the official charity that I am going to support this year and cannot wait to be involved in even more photography, video and arty things with them to celebrate too.

Why choose to give to such a local organisation?

I love the essence of what Me & Dee creates – the endless work (and often unseen efforts behind-the-scenes) that they give, to help families share such precious time together.

For time-limited opportunities to be preserved for always as wonderful memories – absolutely mirrors what means the most to me and what I make as an artist.

My craft is also all about grabbing every second, cherishing what we love and encapsulating it within images… to celebrate forever.

I am proud to share their work with as many people as I can, to help them realise, that living in the here and now means the world to us all.

If you’d like to read more and explore what they do, please visit their site or ask me about anything you’d like to know more about.

Outdoor art in Nottinghamshire this Spring

Buzzing to announce new art!

March 7, 2022

I am Buzzing!… much of my artwork is a regular size but things just got even bigger…. I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been selected to transform not one but TWO giant bees… for the North Notts Nectar Trail.

Going on show this Spring will be a swarm of fuzzy art, all outdoors and on our doorstep too.

It’s a real thrill to be chosen to create this big art. The opportunity follows on from the giant swan I created with a beer & bubbles theme for the Burton Swan art trail in 2020, which was sold at auction for £900, raising funds for the YMCA. It’s now on display in fact outside the Pirelli Stadium in Burton on Trent if you happen to be a bird-watcher and spot it as you pass by.

This time a team of more than 20 big bees will be pollenating local charities once more and located in Nottinghamshire towns.

I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful celebration of art in our communities and will be sharing updates on my “BEE HAPPY” and “BEE THOUGHTFUL” masterpieces.

Here’s an artist impression of the scale of them, showing how they will fly in to go on show amongst shoppers…

And for more info about the event, charities that will benefit and timing to see them…. CLICK HERE

What is the Derby Sleepeasy challenge?

YMCA Derby Sleepeasy 2022 by Pictoria

Helping the homeless in Derby

March 15, 2022

Joining the YMCA in Derby this past weekend, I was reminded just how lucky I was to be returning home after I captured some photos, rather than joining the to sleep out in drizzly chilly conditions.

The YMCA Derbyshire held their annual #Sleepeasy event at the cricket ground car park just outside Derby city centre, to raise funds for their charity.

A big team of participants were encouraged to bring cardboard, sleeping bags, any materials they could borrow… to make their own bed, camp and collective gathering pace… then spend the night within it whilst considering what it must be like for those who sleep out because they do not have a choice.

It’s humbling to think of what hardships we may never experience in our lifetime – whilst finding new ways to support those who have found themselves there.