How to learn Modern Calligraphy

Creative Calligraphy and Watercolour kit from Pictoria

New creative kits available now

March 2022

Fancy learning creative calligraphy AND wonderful watercolour – with skills you will use over and over again? I’ve developed this brand new kit that can posted directly to your door, which contains ALL the equipment you require, to make a custom notepad and dazzle your friends & family with impressive texts…

I mean of course my Mindful Modern Calligraphy in terms of what texts you’ll be writing… I have spent a while now crafting this box of tricks that is compact enough to post through your letterbox.

You’ll create a fabulously colourful confetti cupcake design, with picture instructions and top tips in a handmade booklet I have produced.

It’s available now – I have listed it in my online Etsy shop – AN experience you can do at home, without the cost of an in-person workshop AND the tools you need to carry on doing it too. I can even personalise the box if you fancy gifting it to a creative you think might love it too.

Each box is put together by me personally and even includes scannable QR codes you can use to access exclusive videos to write along with too!