Me as photographer - McCreery Wedding by Pictoria - 15 August 2021 -329
Me as wedding photographer - Swierczek Wedding by Pictoria - August 27, 2021-300
Pictoria Wedding samples 2022 and 2023 -11

My approach

Let's get involved.

With more than 25 years of experience in the picture industry that preserves memories and moments forever, I know what to look for.

It's time to talk about how you are going to let others know about what's happening and share your impactful and powerful images.

My credentials

I've travelled the world on cruise ships, been in the news, had countless adventures and jumped in front of the camera to broadcast live to thousands.

You might say I'm a package of what Jane McDonald, Fiona Bruce, Lara Croft and Lois Lane can do.

Famous faces, countless places and endless traces of life experience make my background perfect for understanding what's happening with you, then how we are going to celebrate it and share this with the power of pictures.

I've trained award-winning professional photographers throughout my career and I've created and led a network of more than 500 local photographers through social media.

My contacts in the community are many and if I don't already know them, I can think up a way to get in front of them and say the right thing to unlock an opportunity.

I have been shortlisted for awards, organised exhibitions and my role as picture editor for 15 years in the media has given me the skills in writing, publishing and design to complement my picture abilities.

But that's enough about me - what about you? You need someone who knows what to do, makes the experience special and more comfortable, prioritises with exactly what you asked for... and respects your budget... all whilst offering you excellent value. Call me and ask me whatever you need to know right now.


What do I do?

I am a major life event photographer and artist.


Yes, I can do both.

Family portraits, children at their cutest and that pet pawtrait you've never been able to get.


You need me to take care of it.

Whatever the weather, however big or small the crowd, you want someone who knows what they are doing and will make it fun.


The only limit is space and imagination

I have the confidence to rally that memorable group shot to include everyone

Next steps...

Contact me today to talk about what's going on.